List of Petitions Submitted by Sam Sloan to New York City Board of Elections

Today I went to the Bronx Board of Elections to count the number of
signatures by petitioners actually filed.

Volumes of Petitions submitted by Sam Sloan to Board of Elections for
candidates to run in Republican September Primary.

Volume 1 witnessed by Darryl Bonner, 33-24 93rd Street, Jackson Heights NY
11372, 488 signatures

Darryl Bonner signs his voter registration card that he is a member of the
“Libterion Party”.

Volume 2 witnessed by Princess Revera, 112-64 167th Street, GK 440
signatures. She is a registered blank.

Volume 3 NY1301290 witnessed by Irma Peeples, 33-24 93rd St., Jackson
Heights NY 11372, 908 signatures. Irma is a registered Democrat

Volume 4 NY1301287 also witnessed by Irma Peeples same as above 430

Volume 5 NY1301286 witnessed by Marc Romain, 5272 N. Georges, Syracuse NY
13204, 268 signatures

Volume 6 NY1301285 witnessed by Darryl Bonner 520 signatures

Volume 7 NY1301284 witnessed by Sam Sloan, 1664 Davidson Ave, Bronx NY
10453, 28 signatures

Volume 8 NY1301282 witnessed by Kia Pearson, 1132 Grant Avenue, Apt. 5,
Bronx NY 10456, Kia is a registered Democrat

Volume 9 NY1301291 witnessed by Ann Fastag, 14 Bentley Lane, Staten Island
NY 10367, 140 signatures. However, there is no person named Ann Fastag who
is a registered voter in the state of New York. She might be the same
person as Ann Mazzella of 14 Bentley Place dob 10/08/1959 who is registered
to vote. These signatures were ruled invalid by the Board of Elections
because Ann Fastag is not a registered voter.

Volume 10 witnessed by Timothy Miller, 178-28 146 Terrace, Jamaica NY 11238
with 1016 signatures (This last volume was a big volume with a lot of
petitions mixed together in the last seconds before being handed in so this
may include petitions witnessed by other petitioners.)

Total signatures according to the above is 4517.

However, the Objector counted only 4269.

Both are well below Darryl's claim of 5200 signatures.

Sam Sloan