List of all candidates on SF ballots March 3

The Department of Elections has a convenient link to all the candidates who will appear on SF voters' ballots March 3 (as well as 2 write-ins including yours truly, way down at the bottom):

  Interestingly, some of the candidates have next to their names almost exactly what I recommended be put on the LP national website for Libertarian National Committee members who didn't want to publicly list their contact information, "No contact information provided."

  The list includes all the folks running for the other parties' (Democrats, Republicans, Green, and Peace and Freedom*) central committees. Interestingly, there are 7 candidates for the PFP's central committee, as opposed to only 3 people seeking seat's on the Green Party's county council (I'm glad the Greens are allowed the freedom to have their local decision-making body listed under a different name than the standard "central committee").

  In some places, local Libertarian party chapters have had candidates run for central committee, mostly on the theory that the visibility is good for the party (although the voter handbooks and ballots with these names on them only go to registered Libertarians). The results of such elections are not binding on the Libertarian Party however, since voting in the LP is based on a membership system with members being required to sign the non-aggression pledge, rather than party leaders being selected by pledge-signing members rather than by public vote. Inviting people to vote and then ignoring the results of that vote seems to me like bad form, and on balance I think it's better that Libertarians not do this. There may also be some danger that having LP central committee members appearing on public ballots in this manner could invite further government mandates or regulations on the party.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

*Sadly misnamed; the Libertarian Party is the real party of peace and freedom!