List Moderation


I could not have said it better myself. Thanks.

Warm regards, Michael

Drearily Dr. Mike;

Methinks Marcy could have better discoursed as follows:

Take this: Thou weedy clapper-clawed lewdster!

Impudent One: Thou lumpish pox-marked popinjay!

Impertinent One: Thou wimpled whoreson clotpole!

Implement this: Thou beslubbering onion-eyed barnacle!

Integrate this: Thou puny toad-spotted flax-wench!

Last but not least: Thou bawdy pox-marked horn-beast!

Finally: Thou paunchy hasty-witted minnow!

If you are going to lay a curse on some besotted knave at least do it with some class.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Dum Spiro, Pugno

Oddly enough.........there was no personal attack in my previous note.
Merely observations.........

Ron's Rosa Dartle impression is amusing though,

It was an evil hour that you ever came here! A curse upon you! Go!

Dear Ron,

I feel pretty dreary and besotted myself right about now!! Oh for the days when this list had folks actually intelligently discussing the pros and cons of the gold standard, or waxing prosaically on how the national debt and our owing our shirts to China did/did not matter!!!

As an aside the PG&E discussion was pretty good too, until I put a damper on things carrying on the thankless duties of Moderator.

So, how about everybody be happy; and let's discuss how on May 19th we can vote for a bigger rainy day fund into which all that California surplus revenue can be deposited, for example, maybe, no?