Link to recording of LPSF bylaws discussion

Richard Fast, Nick Smith, Rebecca Lau, Stark Degasse, and I, joined toward the end by Jamie Dluzak of the Alameda County LP, took part in a teleconference from noon to 3pm this afternoon, as previously announced, to discuss and work on coming up with proposals to revise LPSF bylaws.

  Here's the link to the audio recording of the call, if anyone wants to listen:

  We came up with a few specific "housekeeping" changes removing outdated or superfluous language to bring forward to the regular monthly LPSF meeting, and discussed some other more substantive possible changes as well as more generally issues like how we should handle membership.

  I believe Richard and Rebecca each talked about writing up notes, so they will likely have further details to share.

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  Meant to copy you on this as well (guessing you may not be on the LPSF-Activist list).

  If you or anyone else here not already on that list for party business stuff (Richard, Jamie) would like to be added, please let Nick (also copied on this message) know, and he can send you an invite. Thanks again for participating today, hope to see you at our next regular monthly meeting on May 9!

  You can also add yourself to the LPSF-Discuss (general discussion) and LPSF-Announce (low volume, announcements only) lists via the website, under the "Connect With Us" drop-down menu.

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