Limit Eminent Domain Petitions

Hi All,
    Just a reminder: The signed petitions are due (to the San Jose P.O. Box that's at the bottom of the petition) by the end of April.
If you live near us and want us to pick yours up, let us know. Then we'll deliver them to the group when we take down all of ours. Otherwise, please mail them by the end of the week and be sure you fill out the bottom as the "circulator."
    Thanks for all your help. Hope we get enough signatures to put this on the Nov. ballot.
    I'm going to brag a bit about Bob: He's gotten about one thousand - mainly at our local gas station. We had a contest to see which of us would get the most signatures and he REALLY beat me. The loser gets to take the winner out to dinner. The good news is that the loser also gets to pick the place.

       Thank you, again for helping.

Robert Parkhurst