liberty and licence

Dear Mr. Arne,

You sound like a good and conscientious person. I'm glad that you have a
strong sense of morality. However, I believe it is improper to use
government to enforce morality. As G_d fearing people, we must trust in
G_d. G_d has spoken to us through the Son who told us we are not to
judge others lest we be judged. Now this doesn't mean that we can't make
good choices about how to act and with whom to associate, but it does
mean that we are all guilty of sin and that human beings will not be the
ultimate judges of behavior. That job is left to G_d alone.

Some may react more strongly to some vices over others while failing to
see the good in those people. Since we cannot know the whole person as
G_d does, we cannot judge them. We are obligated to engage people with
whom we have concerns. We are to do this as loving individuals. We are
not to use government to enforce our sense of morality on them.

When government punishes someone for stealing, it is not because
stealing is wrong. Government punishes or demands restitution because
stealing is a property rights violation. You may feel that marriage only
exists between a man and a woman. However, unless you know the true
reality of the relationship as G_d does, you do not have the ability to
judge the whole relationship and the contribution made to G_d's holy

Expecting government to enforce morality, in my opinion, is a form of
weakness in Faith. G_d loves us all and will make all final judgments.
We are here only to love. And government only exists to protect our
freedom because Free Will is the only path to G_d's love and salvation.
I don't think G_d needs our help in making judgments about the quality
of his work or enforcing penalties for our transgressions against G_d's

I hope this clarifies things. Please feel free to contact me directly if
you have any more questions or comments. I would be pleased to discuss
this topic with you.

Best regards,

Michael Denny

Libertarian Party of San Francisco

(415) 986-7677 x123



You can always refer to Masters and Johnson on the hard realities of
American sex. Just because most people lie at some point, one can not
form a political party for liars which justifies lying and tries to make
it socially respectable. You can not come out and say "I represent the
party that wants people to cheat on their husbands and abandon their
wives and children." You would get nowhere.

Uphold morality and freedom, and you will find the liberty for all the
licence you wish. Uphold license and freedom, and you will only end up
with a Brave New World of license and authoritarianism.

Surely Orwell was right to choose Winston as his hero rather than Juila,
because Julia had no deep thoughts about liberty. Hers was liberty
below the waist. Have you ever read that great libertarian book, Brave
New World? It demonstrates convincingly how superficial people who
involve themselves only in physical sensations like sex and drugs are
incapable of demanding a free society. They can't conceive of such
abstract concepts as the dignity of the individual and the value of
freedom of speech because they are too busy porking each other.

If Democrats or Greens legalize vice, they will create Brave New World.
If Libertarians and conservatives legalize vice, they will do so to
demonstrate that responsibility is the natural need of a free society.

For Liberty and Higher Education,

Robert C. Arne, Headmaster

The School of Choice

(408) 244-9900