Libertarians Should Campaign on Our Issues

I want to thank everybody for their responses to my suggestion that we of
the Libertarian Party produce videos expressing our support or opposition
to the many ballot initiatives on the California ballots in the coming
One person asked, "I hope you're joking about using Starchild in any
I wish to emphasize that I am not joking at all. I consider Starchild to be
the best or at least one of the best spokesperson that the Libertarian
Party has. He certainly attracts the most attention.
As to my suggestion that Starchild be dressed in a bikini and high heels,
that is just a suggestion as Starchild like any person has the right to
decide what he wears.
The thing that brought up my comment was revelations that Our Next
President (I hope I was being sarcastic) required some of his female
workers to wear shorter skirts and higher heels.
Regarding the ads I feel we should produce, I need to explain that the ads
must by TV rules and practices be 30 seconds in length, not more nor less.
Watching TV last night I found ads only 15 seconds in length, but it
appeared to me that in those cases there were two 15 second ads attached
together even though they were from different companies.
The problem is there are 24 propositions on the ballot in San Francisco
this year. Each of these propositions must be studied by us because it
often is not obvious which side the Libertarian Party should take. For
example, the most hotly contested proposals concerned "affordable housing".
We Libertarians oppose rules requiring builders to build within affordable
house guidelines. However, the question on the ballot is whether the
affording housing regulations should be modified and in what way. Each of
these 24 propositions will have to be studied by us before we can decide
what position to take.
Here is a list of the propositions so you can understand the severity of
the problem.

Proposition P: Bidding Rules for Affordable Housing Projects

Proposition U: Changing Affordable Housing Requirements for Private

Proposition C: Loans to Finance Acquisition and Rehabilitation of
Affordable Housing

Proposition O: Office Development in Candlestick Point and Hunters Point

Proposition X: Requirements for Changing the Use of Certain Properties

*Good government measures*

Proposition M: Affordable Housing and Development Commission

Proposition D: Vacancy Appointments and Letting Voters Elect District

Proposition E: Responsibility for the Maintenance of Street Trees

Proposition F: Youth Voting in Local Elections

Proposition G: Police Oversight and Accountability

Proposition H: Independent Public Advocate (Full disclosure, I’m managing
the Yes on H campaign)

Proposition L: Balancing MTA Appointments

Proposition N: Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections

Proposition R: Neighborhood Crime Unit

Proposition T: Restricting Gifts and Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists

*Money measures*

Proposition V: Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

Proposition A: School Bonds

Proposition B: City College
Parcel Tax

Proposition I: Funding for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

Proposition J: Funding for Homelessness and Transportation

Proposition K: General Sales Tax

Proposition S: Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds to the Arts & Family Homeless

Proposition W: Luxury Real Estate Tax to Fund Education

By the way, those of you who were not at the Libertarian National
Convention in Orlando probably do not realize that I was the person who
nominated Starchild for election to the Libertarian National Committee.
Starchild was out of the room when the call for nominations came and he had
not been planning to run this time. I knew that he would like to be on the
Libertarian National Committee again even though he was not planning to
run. I was even fearful that when Starchild returned to the room and found
out that he had been nominated he might withdraw his name. At the 2012
Libertarian National Convention in Las Vegas the two leading contenders
Mark Hinkle and Mark Rutherford had been eliminated under the strange rules
because of a tie vote. So, I nominated fellow chess player Chuck Moulton, a
popular person in the party who would almost certainly have been elected,
but he declined the nomination. So *Geoffrey J. Neale* who was not even
running got the spot. I was afraid that something like that would happen

Fortunately, that did not happen and Starchild accepted my nomination of
him and was elected to the Libertarian National Committee.

Sam Sloan

I do not speak for Aubrey, but it appears he is not opposed to the idea of a video, only opposed to the specific content that has been suggested if the video is to represent the LPSF. Same in my case. Maybe a video could be made in the name of the national LP? Some national issues? If they are OK with that I suppose.


Hi All

Aubrey has been working very hard on the LPSF recommendations for SF's November elections, including writing comprehensive reasons for the LPSF's positions. I have posted Aubrey's work on the LPSF website<>.

Aubrey also wrote an account of LPSF's ongoing efforts to clarify the rules behind DOE's rejection of LPSF's opposing argument on Prop B. I have posted that on the LPSF website also.

As far as I know there are no plans for LPSF to weigh in on CA state ballot measures.

Regarding Proposition H Public Advocate, the LPSF position is NO.

If you can, please promote Aubrey 's and LPSF members' work on this.


Hi All. Thanks, Marcy, for posting the recommendations and the "Silenced!"
article. Actually I do plan to do a write-up on the state propositions for
our website, so our readers don't have to chase all over the place for
recommendations (one-stop shopping at the LPSF website), but first I have
to get our ads organized first, as that is more important. I forgot to
mention at the last meeting that with our change in advertising this time
from the ballot measures to the general "Not Left/Right" Libertarian
message to lure folks to our website, what about our annual postcard
mailing? I think we could still do one, but what I'm thinking is just
picking a handful of the more important ballot measures and then of course
include a note about the rest of them being on our website with a fuller
discussion of our reasons. That way those who are used to getting our
postcard would have something tangible to remind them we're still alive and
kicking. If we did such a mailing, I think I would cut it down to a
shorter list this time since we'll be doing a variety of promotions this

By the way, I ordered a huge supply of the card with the Not Left/Right
Libertarian message on one side and the Johnson campaign on the other side
for distribution here in The City. After the last rally at Union Square, I
mentioned that I thought it might work out better if a bunch of us just
work one neighborhood (and blanket as many houses as possible) one
afternoon each week-end and then go out for a bite afterwards. Doing
something social afterwards might make it more fun and inviting since
Libertarians do love to talk! The brochures just arrived today, so I'd
like to start this week-end. Starchild, can you please set this up as a
meet-up for either Saturday or Sunday? Either day is fine with me, and I
plan to definitely do some campaign literature distribution--preferably
with others.

By the way, on a rather sour note, when I was poking around to see what
kind of campaign literature is out there, the only literature I could find
on the official Johnson/Weld site for distribution was a door hanger type
of brochure, and though it was hard to read every word on the brochure as
it was rather small, I did not see the word Libertarian even once. Pretty
outrageous for our candidate to not use the L word. Someone could double
check me on this, but I find this most disturbing, to say the least. In
the end, I decided to order the Not Left/Right card from the LP store,
since I particularly like that brochure, and it works well for the campaign
on one side and then the Libertarian long-range message on the other side.
It's not a door hanger, but after putting out so many of Joel's flyers
without them being a door hanger or using a rubber band, I think this card
will work just as well for distribution in the neighborhoods.


I hope that Aubrey is not working against the Gary Johnson candidacy. I
realize that Gary Johnson is not a pure Libertarian by our standards but he
is the best we will ever get. Every news broadcast such as CNN says that
Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party candidate.

I happen to believe that Gary Johnson has a real although admittedly very
small chance of being elected US President. It depends on three possible
things: (1) Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump get 270 electorial
votes either because Gary Johnson wins one state such as New Mexico or
Alaska or an elector committed to Trump votes for Johnson instead (2) then
the election goes to the House of Representative where every state has one
vote and (3) most of the Republican members of the House of Representatives
vote for Johnson rather than Trump.

I am hoping that this will be a Dream Come True so we should stay behind
our candidate Johnson.

Sam Sloan

The word "libertarian" is on some Johnson/Weld literature (especially materials coming from the party rather than the campaign). Based on the fact that he was out holding a Johnson sign for hours at Union Square not long ago and has reported distributing Johnson fliers, I'd say Aubrey is definitely for Gary Johnson!

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Ditto. I don't know how anyone who is an LPSF member could question his commitment to electing Gary Johnson.
Thank you Aubrey!