Libertarians on Facebook


I just did some searches on Facebook for users in San Francisco who
chose "Libertarian" for their political views in their profiles. (The
options are Very Liberal, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, Very
Conservative, Apathetic, Libertarian, and Other. No test is involved
-- you just check a box for your choice.)

The results I dug out:
Age 18-25: 592 users
Age 26-30: 308 users
Age 31-38: 257 users
Age 39+: 119 users

Out of a total of 123,976 Facebook users in San Francisco, 1% chose
Libertarian, 1% chose Apathetic, 3% chose Conservative or Very
Conservative, 7% chose Moderate, 7% chose Other, and 20% chose Liberal
or Very Liberal. 61% did not select any "political views".


That's really interesting, Justin. One would think that the
politically homeless 61% would be fertile ground for some Libertarian
input. Particularly interesting that the 1% that identifies as
Libertarian mirrors that 1% of votes that Libertarian candidates receive.


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