Libertarian Walking Tour

Make that "A Video History Tour."

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  Good thoughts, I concur. Something else we can do is compile the best
segments into a video tape for sale or giveaway, perhaps with a name
such as "Libertarian San Francisco: A Video Tour," with the subtitle
"The City By The Bay As Seen Through The Eyes of Freedom-Loving

  I also remembered a key address which was not mentioned on Saturday:
1800 Market Street, former home of Freedoms Forum Books, for years the
headquarters of the International Society for Individual Liberty and
unofficial headquarters of the San Francisco Libertarian Party. As I
understand it, the property fell into the hands of the city when the
former owner died and the new owner(s) gave it up in order to avoid a
big property tax bill. The city subsequently gave the building to the
Community Center Project, forcing out all the existing tenants to make
way for the LGBTQ community center which now occupies the site.

  There also used to be a libertarian bookstore called Laissez-Faire
Books on Howard Street, which left a few years ago for New York. I
don't recall hearing whether local government played a role in their
decision to move, but it would be worth checking out. (FWIW, The Cato
Institute was also originally based in San Francisco, as was a
now-defunct publication called Libertarian Review, edited by Jeff

Yours in liberty,
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Just a suggestion: Once some activists take the class at Public
Access Television, we borrow their equipment and film a few of the
places on your Libertarian Walking Tour list for the purpose of
showing the film on our TV slot, without any "tourists". This would
be a smaller, more immediate project that a physical walking tour
with actual people signing up to take the tour. We can expand to
physical walking tours, man-on-the-street interviews, etc. once we
gain more experience in this project.

This suggestion would entail chosing places from the list, writing a
blurb about each, having volunteers willing to speak in front of the
camera, filming, and publicizing the showings.

The proposal about getting unpaid interns to help with filming, etc.
is a good one. Althoug I feel that successful use of any outside
help would entail us having a focused project in mind first.


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