Libertarian Solution to BART budget woes ( socialized transportation )?

After a recent interaction with BART transit Popo, I did a couple of quickie searches, & stumbled on this little gem that should alarm most Bay Area taxpayers & riders (flushing good money after bad):

It’s little wonder that shutting down almost have the economy over a cold virus would have ( rider fare & tax revenue ) effects on socialized schemes as well. There aren’t enough transit cops to sufficiently patrol the system; it’s amazing the homeless haven’t completely occupied & shut it down already.

As a commuter in high school (80s), Orange line rush hour to school was often standing room only; fast fwd 2021 contagion protocols, like last Friday, I’m often the ONLY person in a car from Del Norte to North Berkeley between 8am - 9:30am.

If only there was someone to complain to interested in fixing it not vested in the existing “fix.”

A. Ride A Bike.
B. Any others?