[Libertarian Republicans] Whacko Right-Wing Encourages Further Violence

I don't usually waste time with whack-jobs like Michael Moore because they're so irrelevant they're not as big a threat as people like Beck.

The dangerous thing about people like Beck is that they're going to bring about the very situations they claim to fear. They howl that Obama is going to censor talk radio, outlaw guns, and set up a dictatorship (none of which are true); but if they keep pushing the envelope like this, they're going to push the Administration into a corner where it HAS to act.

These radio people go nearly as close to the can to First Amendment limits calling for political violence. They're deliberately trying to incite violence; what will happen when people act on these innuendoes? The same is true of these phony 'secession' and '10th Amendment' movements. What would happen if they actually succeeded in splitting up the Union? Obama wouldn't be OBLIGED to declare martial law and put down the rebellion?

In a nutshell, Glenn Beck is just as insane as Michael Moore.