Libertarian presidential candidate on KGO Radio: 11 AM Friday (today)


From KGO's "Upcoming Guest" section of their web site:

11am--Michael Badnarik, Libertarian Party candidate for president
Facing a crucial, partisan-charged and highly divisive election in
November, it's difficult to convince voters to cast their lot with a
third party candidate. Michael Badnarik from the Libertarian party
hopes to change your mind, starting with Gene, a fallen Libertarian

If you have the chance, please tune in. Those who can't pick up 810

on your AM dial, can listen via KGO's web site:

I think you'll find Michael Badnarik very knowledgeable and


Glad he's able to get on as it was not radical enough for interest to KNEW after brief conversations w/ them...

Hopefully we can leverage KGO again when he or Compagna is in town