Libertarian Party of California: Release The Prisoners! (March 22, 2009)

The case for releasing drug "offenders" and other non-violent inmates convicted of victimless "crimes" is an absolute moral imperative. Here are just a few of the reasons, as reported in this terrific column from Anthony Gregory:

• California's system is designed to hold about 100,000 prisoners but instead houses 171,000
• Each prisoner costs taxpayers $35,000 per year
• Victims are not made whole but instead are forced to foot the bill to house their perpetrators
• A quarter of the inmates are locked up for nonviolent drug offenses
• Human Rights Watch estimates that nationwide, one out of 15 male inmates is raped
• Many prisoners are effectively the slaves of their cellmates
• Prisons increase crime - California's recidivism rate is the highest in America

  Please pass this message along to as many friends, colleagues, elected officials, and members of the media as you can.

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The LPC just sent out a notice correcting an error in the 11th paragraph of this release, which listed a date of 1997 that should have been 1977. The correction has been made in the version below.

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