Libertarian Party embraces language nationalism

Dear UCSF Mike And Wine Mike;

All other countries have one official language except in Quebec the official language is French-Canadian the rest of Canada uses English.

By making American English as she is spoken written and read as the official language all those mulit-language ballots in multi-polygot cities and counties would be done away with and their expenses in translation and printing.

The Democrats as a group are against this as it forces assimilation to get by nationally it does not stop people from using a second language in their local communities. Democrats want fractured minority groups so they can go to each and offer their services in helping them plus getting their money and votes.

But someone who can go outside their group because they have the language skills will no longer need a Democratic politician for their help. The language requirements were in the Civil Rights Act and was extended for another 5 years in a recent Congressional vote to extend the language requirements.

Yes Biden could be attacked for that reason although their is a whole lot more he could be attacked for on foreign policy and tax issues.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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A little time with Wikipedia (or the World Factbook or any almanac, for
the old-fashioned) would show this flat out isn’t true.

Canada is officially bilingual nationwide. And many other nations have
multiple official languages; note in particular India.

~Chris, confused

True. Out of 195 (or so) countries on the planet, only 115 (or so)
have official languages. The other 80 (or so) are like the United States.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not much for peer pressure
and doing whatever the majority does. :wink:

We just need to work on educating young Andrew. I'm sure Redpath
himself rolled his eyes when he saw what had been published in the
LP's name. That's what you get when you hire your party's
communications director straight out of his undergraduate program (and
also straight out of activism in a competing political party).

At 23, he's malleable. We can still fix him.


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