Libertarian Party California Primary Election Day Scandal

Libertarian Party California Primary Election Day Scandal

I went to the Polling place today to vote on the California
Presidential Primary.

In California, unlike many other states, the Libertarian Party has a
ballot line and thus Libertarians have their own presidential primary.

When I received my Libertarian primary ballot, the following
candidates were listed.

Barbara Waymire
Lee Wrights
Roger Gary
James Ogle
Scott Keller
Gary Johnson
R. J. Harris
Carl Person

However, my name was not there even though I was a declared candidate
for the Libertarian Party nomination.

I already knew the reason my name was not there. Back on about the
First of March the Libertarian National Committee with Mark Hinkle as
Chairman had submitted a list of names to the California Secretary of
State. Although I was registered with the Federal Election Commission
and fully qualified in every way to be the Libertarian Party
Candidate, certain persons within the party have been campaigning
against me and thereby blocking me from becoming a Libertarian Party
Candidate for the last ten years since 2002.

I have been advised that since these people are popular within the
party it would be counter-productive to go public with their names. My
best chance has been to keep quite about this, or so it has been said.

However, now that have nothing to lose any more, I might as well go
public with the names of these people.

The main two people doing this are Bonnie Scott and James Lesczynski.

I think that now it is time to take off the kid gloves that I have
been wearing. My problems with the New York Libertarian Party go back
to the New York State Committee Meeting in Richard Cooper's Office on
Long Island in January 2002, exactly ten years ago. At that meeting I
was viciously attacked by Bonnie Scott and Jim Lesczynski, whom I had
just met and did not even know. I did not know anybody at that meeting
and was meeting them all for the first time. As far as I knew, none of
them knew me either. When I walked into the meeting, they were already
debating me. I had no idea why they were attacking me and to this day
I still do not have the slightest idea why they attacked me then and
why they have continuously attacked me ever since to this day.

My friend Nic Leobold who was also a friend of Jim Lesczynski once
asked him why he does this and Jim Lesczynski replied "I just don't
like the guy, that's all".

Soon thereafter this meeting in January 2002, they were joined by Ron
Moore. Again, I have no idea why he constantly attacks me. Most
recently they have been joined by Mark Axinn, who is publicly cordial
and polite but like the others attacks me from behind my back.

These four, Bonnie Scott, Jim Lesczynski, Ron Moore and Mark Axinn are
the Libertarian Party Gang of Four, as far as I am concerned.

It is not only I who am attacked by them. There are others who are in
their cross-hairs too.

What I would like to know is the reason. I really do not know why they
do this. It is obvious that there is some kind of whispering campaign
going on against me. It has often been suggested that the reason is my
religion. I do not think that is the reason but of course it is a
possibility to be considered.

The person who definitely started this was Bonnie Scott. At that
meeting in January 2002, where she was not physically present but was
attending in a telephone conference call, she claimed that I am an
abuser of women. She claimed that I had made objectionable statements
offensive to women on my website, I countered that I
had made no such statements and she had simply mis- remembered or
misquoted what I had actually said.

Since she could not cite the page or the article where I had allegedly
made these objectionable statements, and still to this day has not
been able to do so, that should have attended the matter.

However, I have found out that ten years later at the 2012 Libertarian
National Convention in Las Vegas held May 2-6, 2012, Bonnie Scott was
going around making the same statements and accusations against me
that she had made at the meeting in January 2002, more than ten years

One would think that after ten full years of doing this, and she
always does this secretly and surreptitiously, she would find herself
something more productive to do with her time.

I have found out that the reason I could get into the Presidential
Debates or on the ballot was that Bonnie Scott and Ron Moore were
going around talking to the delegates, telling them not to give me
their tokens.

I knew that Ron Moore was doing this so, I had my wife ask him about
this. Ron Moore responded with a litany of complaints mostly concerned
with objectionable emails he claimed I has sent in 2002, especially
one comparing a New York Libertarian Party activist to Lady Godiva, a
famous tax protestor.

I later remembered that Ron Moore did not have an email address back
in 2002 and has never been an active member of our email groups, so he
could not have had direct knowledge of the postings he cites, plus
there was nothing wrong with them. Nevertheless, that has not stopped
Ron Moore from openly campaigning against me for the last ten years,
including for example blocking me from participating in the New York
Libertarian Party Presidential debate held on April 21, 2012 to which
I had been invited but Ron Moore had vetoed my participation as
Chairman of the Manhattan Libertarian Party. All other candidates,
except for me, were allowed to participate in this debate.

I want to explain that I fully support Gary Johnson as a Libertarian
Party Presidential Candidate. He is a wonderful candidate, a dream
come true for the Libertarian Party. I believe that he can and will be
elected President of the United States, especially if he is able to
get into the Presidential Debates so that the American public will be
able to see how vastly superior he is to the other candidates.

However, I was by far the best known candidate on a world-wide basis.
Take a look at the list of so-called candidates above. Nobody has ever
heard of any of these people. Yet, everybody has heard of me:

The Libertarian Party is guilty of the same corruption that they
accuse the Republican and Democrats of. Actually, the Libertarian
Party is worse. There can be little doubt that members of the
Republican National Committee would like to keep Ron Paul out of the
debates and out of the primaries, yet the name of Ron Paul appears

However, the Libertarian Party National Committee blocked my name from
appearing in the California Presidential Primary, thus creating doubt
as to the legitimacy of the official candidate, since I would have
been the strongest opponent had I been allowed to run.

They did more than just keep me off the California Presidential
Primary. They also removed my name from the Libertarian Party website
at My name was originally listed as a candidate. Then they
suddenly removed my name and the names of several others from the
website. However, the names of all the others were reinstated a few
days later. When Starchild in California protested, a vote was taken
and 90% of the Libertarian Party voters said that all the names should
be listed. The LNC responded to this vote by REMOVING ALL THE NAMES.
So, the LNC did exactly the opposite of what the voters asked them to

The Libertarian National Committee paid a price for this, as almost
the entire LNC was voted out of office in the LNC Committee elections
held in Las Vegas on May 6, 2012

              Sam Sloan
              June 5, 2012