Libertarian hell

Trump is a solution for the republican voter. That makes me happy.
We can only hope after Barr and Johnson, someone will pummell the LP establishment like Trump did to the GOP.
Too bad McAfee and Weiss were nice people John

Good you Republicans have a solution of your liking. We Libs need to deal with what is. Not dwell on what should have been or what might be in the future.


I like McAfee and Weiss too, but are you implying Gary Johnson isn't a nice guy? I think he is clearly a better "solution" than Trump or Clinton for anyone who believes in freedom.

  What about the "LP establishment" (what establishment??) do you think needs "pummelling"?

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

McAfee was an escaped criminal who had recently emerged from jail. We were
never able to determine his fugitive status.
I know nothing about Weiss. Who is that? I do not believe there was a
serious candidate by that name.
With Johnson we have the angles in Paradise ready to sing once he gets
elected president. He is not only our best chance ever, but probably the
best chance we will ever get.

Sam Sloan

Johnson is our best chance to get noticed by the average voter.

As for why, I agree with John's assessment, but from a drastically different perspective.


Judd Weiss was a candidate for the LP's vice-presidential nomination. He was McAfee's choice to be his VP.

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