Libertarian endorsement?

Dear Rob;
I agree as to the sentiments. For next Saturdays meeting I will have a thumb nail version of the approved Initiatives emailed to both lpsf-discuss and lpsf-activists for a straw poll on the ballot issues. If that doesn't get at least a few more attending I don't know what will. But absent a reasonably guaranteed turn out a candidates night is not a go ahead thing.
The 300 paid members you mentioned - just who are those people?
Anything at all like THE 300 Spartans who held off the might of Xerxes army? Contrary to folk lore the 300 Spartans also had the help of a couple thousand other volunteers from the other Greek city-states. They were not out there by themselves. Too much honor was at stake for the other Greek city-states to NOT have sent volunteers to fight along side the Spartans. Not too mention the Athens navy which did do battle with the Xerxes navy. Plus the help of a convenient sea storm.
However on the 300 are they willing to do battle against the massive mighty Taxers? Are they willing to give battle for the rights of freedom? Are they willing to give battle against the statists and the $6 billion City budget?
Do the 300 believe in peace prosperity and private property?
What would be the needed battle cry of freedom and slogan to get the 300 to stand up and do battle shoulder to shoulder - shield to shield - sword to sword against the Evil Statists? Where will be the flag to rally around and to give heart and courage to the wavering Libertarians?
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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