Libertarian endorsement?

We can certainly still do a candidates night if there's interest, but I
got the feeling at the last meeting that there would only be three of us
present if we had one. If that's changed, let me know. But I'd like to
avoid the embarrassment of a candidates night where there are more
candidates than there are people to listen to them.

As an alternative, we can offer 5 minutes to her at next Saturday's
meeting, since she approached us, and to make it equal-opportunity,
we'll offer 5 minutes at that same meeting to any candidate who
approaches us between now and then. We'll just not proactively go out
and invite people. It's so rare that people contact us out of the blue
without an invitation from us, that when one actually does, we should
not ignore them out of some sense of fairness to the candidates who
didn't bother to contact us.


Ron Getty wrote: