Libertarian cartoon

Well, we've just got to counter with our own! I'm visualizing a
cartoon where a house is on fire and people are passing buckets of
water down a line to put it out, but one guy is standing there with
his arms folded and refusing to take a bucket of water, saying, "No
thanks, I'm a statist." Somebody else in the line overhears and says
angrily to his neighbor, "What's his problem?" And the neighbor
responds, "You should pity him -- he wouldn't help stop his own mother
from choking to death unless he had a government license to perform

  Here's another one: Two people are standing and talking in front of a
small independent bookstore that is closed and shuttered. One explains
to the other, "When that new big box outlet opened down the block and
started practically giving books away, we just couldn't compete." A
couple doors down in the direction she's gesturing is a big square
building labeled Government Library.

  Any illustrators reading this?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))