Libertarian Candidate for California Senate, casts his vote

To all Libertarian Voters - I'll be meeting some of my
supporters this evening to witness the formal casting
of my vote. Hopefully not the only one I will receive
this evening!

If anyone here is interested in joining us, we will be
at 6 Sharp Place (near Hyde and Union) around 6:30pm.
If the lines are long I recommend bringing a folding
chair. (and of course the store around the corner
sells beer :slight_smile:

I also have just received word on a last minute
endorsement by the American Muslim Alliance -

I believe this support mainly came to my denouncing of
the Patriot Act, but I'm not 100% certain.

In any case, thanks to those who supported me here
with my first campaign. It's been both enjoyable and
educational for me and I'm glad for the opportunity to
assist the cause for advancing freedom.

In liberty,

David Rhodes
Candidate for State Senate, Dist. 3