Libertarian candidate: Bloomberg defamed gun store (Associated Press, 9/16/08)

I have mixed feelings about this. This lawsuit was filed two years ago, when Bob Barr presumably did not know he would be running for president as it came to trial. And although it takes time away from his campaign, arguing the case does get Barr in the news as doing something. So in one sense this can be seen as a positive.

  However it doesn't really seem like there's any clear libertarian principle being fought for here. To say that it's "damaging the reputation" of a store to claim that it is violating federal gun laws, is effectively supporting those laws. And for a political figure to allege (even incorrectly) that an institution or business is doing something that is a legal violation seems to me like it should probably fall within the protections of the First Amendment.

  On the other hand, Bloomberg certainly deserves to be penalized for suing gun stores exercising their Second Amendment rights, and if a libel suit is the only legal avenue available to make him pay a price for his reprehensible action, it's hard to object to its being used.


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Libertarian candidate: Bloomberg defamed gun store

Associated Press Writer
Posted: Tuesday, Sep. 16, 2008

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