Letters to editor - Les

I wrote a letter to the editor that got published.

The editorial I was responding to was in Chron Dec 16 “Giving Californians a nudge to do what is best”.

My response appeared in Chron Dec 20.

My points were:

Why should I think that government bureaucrats (nudgers) know what is best for me better than I do?

If I cannot be trusted to manage my own affairs, how can I be competent to vote for nudgers to keep me from goofing up.

The cost of government nudgers is so great that I might well have been better off just making my own mistakes.

I can think of other points now, once you send it, you can’t amend it.

Les Mangus

Nice job Les….


Nice work, Les!

  Who will nudge the nudgers? :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

Starchild,Now we're asking the right question. Who will nudge the nudgers?

That's great, Les! Good work.