Letter to the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services

Last night I dashed off this letter to the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services District 8 representative Joe Caruso, via the MONS website contact page at http://www.sfgov.org/site/mons_index.asp?id=23753 ...

  It never hurts for them to hear from neighbors who want businesses to be able to expand hours, etc. Requesting other things, like the bike rack installation, should help keep them busy, and make it less likely that they will get around to doing other things that might be more harmful, or fulfilling other people's requests in a timely fashion who might be more susceptible to being impressed by the "great service" they are getting from local government.

Yours in liberty,
        <<< Starchild >>>

Hi Joe,

      There are a number of changes I would like to see in the neighborhood:

(1) Speedbumps removed from Prosper St. (btw. 16th/17th)
(2) Payphone reinstalled outside branch library on 16th St.
(3) More unrestricted parking in the neighborhood (get rid of two hour limits for non-permit holders)
(4) Nice, low retaining wall around empty lot at 16th & Noe instead of ugly chain link fence
(5) Bike rack installed at SE corner of 16th & Prosper
(6) Trader Joe's allowed to open at Market & Sanchez
(7) More alcohol permits in the neighborhood (beer, wine and liquor sales)
(8) Later business hours allowed in the neighborhood
(9) More sidewalk seating for restaurants allowed
(10) More public parking at the health clinic at 17th & Prosper

      Please register my opinions when communicating with the mayor and city departments on these issues. In some cases, like the speed bumps, there appear to be procedures to *add* them, but no procedures to *remove* them. That is discriminatory against residents like myself who would like to see more of them removed. Ditto for parking restrictions. Departments ought to make it easier for people to request less of a heavy-handed government presence in their neighborhoods.

Thank you,

           <<< Starchild >>>

P.S. - Please tell Gavin Newsom that I have not forgotten that he still has not kept his word to introduce a resolution condemning the "war on drugs" as unconstitutional, despite my reminding him several times over the course of several years of his promise to do so.