Letter to the Editor - Correction/School Board Candidacy


  I sent the following letter to the editor yesterday regarding an error in a story that was printed a few days ago. Whether or not the letter runs, but especially if it doesn't, I request that the Chronicle print a correction. The error was contained not only in the story itself, but also in the sidebar profiling each candidate.

  Although I did not mention this in my letter, the article also incorrectly stated that I say nobody should make a six figure salary. In fact I was referring to public servants, i.e. people being paid with money taken from the taxpayers -- outside government employment, I believe salaries should be determined by the market. It would be nice to see a correction on this point as well.

  I also felt that the article was a bit dismissive of my candidacy, with its reference to a "wacky field" of candidates immediately following the sole mention of me. This would have mattered less had the paper been covering my campaign elsewhere, but unfortunately this one article has been the sum total of the Chronicle's coverage.

  Finally, the Chronicle's editorial board also did not request a meeting or interview with me before making its endorsements in the race. A bit more consideration in the future would be appreciated. I would also like to set up a meeting sometime after the election with the editorial board to meet with members of the local Libertarian Party and discuss concerns that we have about coverage of our party and issues in general. Ideas and truth should matter more than who's politically powerful and who isn't.

Thank you,
        <<< Starchild >>>
      Candidate for School Board