Letter I sent to Bevan Dufty

Hi Bevan,

  I'm just following up from the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association/Buena Vista Neighborhood Association event at which you mentioned that you had some info that you'd send me on upcoming debates. I'm still interested in receiving that info if you are willing to send it.

  On an unrelated matter, I urge you to vote against the pending massage parlor legislation being considered by the Board. Sex work needs to be decriminalized, not driven further underground. Less regulation, not more!

  Speaking of which, I'm told that you have opposed letting Cafe Flore stay open later. Why? Shouldn't businesses be able to set their own hours? The Bagdad Cafe right across the street is open 24 hours. Why shouldn't Cafe Flore be able to do the same if the owner wishes? Longer hours means more shifts and/or more local jobs, and more dollars going to local businesses, plus more competition equals lower prices and/or better service for residents and others who patronize affected establishments.

  Finally, here's an idea for Halloween -- instead of booking bands to play dance or popular music, see if the San Francisco symphony or some other classical musicians could be arranged to perform some haunting classical music. Or have the dance music early on, and transition to classical music at 1030pm. It might produce a different, more chill kind of vibe at the event. Much better than being a grinch and shutting everything down early!

Love & liberty,
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