Let's do the flowers. They're going to have lots of weddings again, just like 4 years ago.

At first, they said they weren't going to have the resources to marry lots of couples at City Hall, but they seem to have decided otherwise now:


"Marriages will begin en masse the next morning. So far, 128 same-sex couples have made appointments to obtain marriage license on Tuesday, June 17."

So Del and Phyllis (the first couple married 4 years ago -- together 50 years and both in their 80s) will be the only ones married the evening of the 16th at SF City Hall. But they'll be doing 10 an hour the next day, the 17th, from 8am to 8pm. So, let's do the flowers like before.

How were the flowers done then? Was it single roses with cards attached by string, or what? How much did it cost? We've got a week, so we should get started.


Giving the newlyweds a flower is a wonderful idea. I do hope you can organize it! Where
can I send a small contribution?

I would suggest single red roses with a little card attached or with the stem through a hole
in the card. Add instructions for desiccating a rose, (ie "hang upside down in a cool dark
place") in small print at the bottom. Then some couples may keep their wedding rose
from the Libertarian Party FOREVER!

Harland Harrison
LP of San Mateo County CA