Let's ALL Talk About an Ideal Law re Cannabis

Hi Bruce: My ideal law re cannabis will be one that does not relate to cannabis itself at ALL. Try looking in a state code index for "grapevines." States regulate dangerous pesticides, and agricultural workers' working conditions, but not grape vines themselves.

Should it be restricted to indoors: NO, NO, NO. Pot grown outdoors has better medicinal value. Let people grow it in whatever way suits them -- no restrictions!

What about outdoor grows. Why not? Man, look what the world's become when people actually consider BANNING outdoor cultivation of a plant as big as corn and bigger.

Should we forbid GMO strains. Yes, because (1) cannabis is wind-pollinated, so GMO can't be fenced out. And (2) we still don't know the ramifications of GMO crops. I took one FDA-approved drug for over FOUR years before its side effects hit me!

What impact will "true legalization" have on price. True "liberation" not "legalization" will reduce the price. When everyone can grow it like zucchini and give it away if they want, the price will come down as long as the supply begins to outstrip the demand.
Can we agree that "true legalization" is actually "liberation" -- freedom from all laws, taxes and regulations?