Lessons for LP (was: Interesting perspective)


My missive was intended toward the original letter that brought this
discussion on. Don't worry, I'm not picking on you or the LPSF.

There's no problem who we attract, by the way, as long as they're
clean and well spoken. I'll take any Libertarian, given those limitations.

And whatever you want to call it, persuade, sell or inspire...
It's all the same to me. As long as we get more folks
to understand what we're about and to join us, I don't
care what words you prefer to describe it.


PS Inspiring people with our actions has to be the
best recruiting method of all! I love it!


      Thanks for your clarification. If you don't care which words you use, then you can easily earn my personal gratitude with no harm to your own values by avoiding the use of sales, marketing and business terms in the context of libertarian strategy and using idealistic metaphors instead. Because it's vitally important to me which words we use — I think it makes a world of difference.

Yours in liberty,
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