Leslie Mangus Gets Anti-Tax LTE Publihsed in SF Examiner

Dear All;

Leslie Mangus a local Libertarian you may know of had an anti-tax LTE published in todays SF Examiner with the "L" word mentioned in his LTE.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Prop. 13 protects state from endless tax hikes"

Some Examiner letter writers claim that Proposition 13 caused the budget crisis by creating a two-thirds requirement for passing a budget. This is untrue. They need a two-thirds majority to raise taxes. A simple majority could pass a budget.

As a libertarian, I am opposed to changing this rule. The porkers at the public trough will always want more, regardless of how high we raise taxes. Government employees will always want compensation and benefit increases. Welfare will always want increases, too.

Proposition 13 was passed because taxpayers need some protection against an endless succession of tax increases. People who want to repeal it should write checks for the services they want instead of demanding that someone else pay.

– Leslie Mangus, San Francisco