Leno letter on Harvey Milk

Exactly...this could be fun...


And of course we want gun control, with every gun owner in control of his
life and property.

Warm regards, Michael

Carol Ruth Silver told us that soon after she arrived at the board of Sups, Diannne Finestestein showed her her pistol and told her to get one. Perhaps the reason Dan White didn't have difi on his list is cuz he kneew she was packin. More ammo for our Harvey Milk moniker.


  I'm posting this message to the LPSF-Activists list rather than LPSF-
discuss, since it seems more activism-related.

  In some ways I think what you propose is an excellent idea. I'm very
interested in reaching out more to people on the left, and claiming
some of Harvey Milk's legacy could theoretically help in that goal.
But I wonder about the group's specific raison d'etre and whether
there is enough interest to make it viable.

  A couple years ago I proposed the creation of a group to take on a
specific mission for which the LPSF itself is poorly suited, namely
organizing interested SF residents and businesses into a nonpartisan
mutual support organization to defend each other's property rights. I
think this is a concept which has potentially wide appeal outside the
libertarian community if we could get it up and running (below are my
description and thoughts on the project I tentatively called
"Neighbors for Property Rights"). Unfortunately, there was not much
interest among our group, although Mike Denny and Derek Jensen
generously volunteered to join as dues-paying members (there may have
been others as well, I don't recall). However when I scheduled an
organizing meeting, no one showed up, and I wasn't interested in
setting the group up by myself. However I still feel it could be a
very worthwhile endeavor, and I want to be frank in saying that I have
as yet to be convinced that this is the case for a Harvey Milk
Libertarian Club.

  But I don't want to rain on the parade or posit this as an either/or
issue -- theoretically, doing one group shouldn't make it any more
difficult to do the other. Nevertheless I think there are some
questions it would be worthwhile to ask ourselves related to the
possible creation of a Harvey Milk Libertarian Club:

• Is Harvey Milk the historical GLBTQ figure most deserving of and
suitable for this kind of libertarian commemoration?
• What specific purpose(s) would such a group serve that could not be
done as effectively by the LPSF or Outright Libertarians?
• What specifically needs to be done to get the group up and running
and then maintain it, and who is going to do these things?
• Are we going to get enough pro-freedom mileage out of a Harvey Milk
Libertarian Club important enough to outweigh negative reactions? We
could probably expect a hostile reaction from the Harvey Milk
Democratic Club, and I think politically aware San Franciscans would
tend to view us as un-original imitators of that older and well-known
political club. There are already numerous groups using Harvey Milk's
name (see http://www.queerlist.org/Harvey_Milk_Organizations/
index.html), which is both a positive and a negative. The downside is
that people may feel his name is invoked too frequently; on the bright
side, it might make a successful lawsuit against us by the Democratic
club less likely.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))