Leno letter on Harvey Milk

Mr Leno wrote...Harvey’s leadership and inspiration brought LGBT people out of the closet and into civic life, but many people may forget that he also fought for important issues we still value today, including access to education, public transportation, affordable housing and protecting the environment.

Isn't that what we are trying to do...Perhaps we should call ourselves the Harvey Milk Libertarian Club.

That's a good idea...packaging is important.

Dear Phil and Wine Mike;

While WineMike is correct that packaging is important and Harvey Milk did have significant major achievements both personal and political and sociological the following is anathema to Libertarians and Libertarian principles:

including access to education, public transportation, affordable housing and protecting the environment.

Education, public transportation and affordable housing took and take and will continue to take taxpayers dollars in forced redistribution and plunder and looting and involuntary philantrophy.

Protecting the environment comes from people when they can arise above their economic strait-jackets and take a look at what's happening around them to the air they breathe the land they build their houses on and grow their food on and the water they drink. Fiat protecting the environment does not work it does work when their is ownership involved with all its property rights and the right to fight for your property and the right to breathe celan air and the right to build on pollution free land and grow your food on pollution free land and drink pollution free water.

Therefore the Harvey Milk Libertarian Club would not be an ideal name in light of Libertarian principles other than the right of free association and the right to be whom you are without forcing yourself to be what you ain't to conform to societies mores or fiat legislation.

Figuratively speaking Libertarians spend enough time "in the closet" and need to "come out" and stand up for what our principles are and not the excrement which is the LNC or the California platforms.

We are not Bob Barr. We are not Republicans 2.0 Light. We are LIBERTARIANS!!!!

Package us some other way.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Point well taken Ron but I believe what Phil is suggesting is that we do
a little political aikido. Of course we are for access to education,
that's why we want to get the government out of the education business.
Of course we are for public transportation, that's why we want to get
the government out of it. Of course we are for affordable housing and
protecting the environment, that's why we want to get the government out
of those too.

See what I mean?


We are for the environment. Nothing is better than strict liability for damaging your neighbors property. We are for public transit. Imagine a system of jitneys and perhaps private cars all reserved on super smart websites that have ratings for drivers, and perhaps passengers ala ebay and use gps and smart topography to match driver and passenger. The subways were built privately in Manhattan. Any parent who can afford it sends his kid to private school. ) although I happen to get a terrific educcation from the Baltimore Public Schools)) but that was in another time when perhaps due to lower taxes, one spouse could teach as a matter of love. Now do I make it clear that we are the real Harvey Milk club as we have the real goods not the sociialists, and no one can know for sure , but this formerly liberal Democrat Jew Fag was fortunate enough to live long enough and think hard enough to figure it out.I have a sneaky suspicion that if milk had lived long enough, he might be coming our way. After all, there was another sup on dan's white's list who has deepening respect for Liberty . Is there Silver in our future?