Legalize Prostitution

If a woman has a right to control her body, why shouldn't she be
able to rent its use? Prostitution is no more ignoble than digging a
ditch, fixing a toilet, patching a roof, or operating on a brain tumor.
It is a service that millions of customers value highly, and they should
have the right to purchase it legally.

The most obvious rational argument against prostitution is that it
increases the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which is
certainly true. But you could say the same of all unprotected sexual
intercourse. Why ban paid sex but legalize free sex? It doesn't
make sense to have this double standard.

Some suggest the decriminalization, rather than legalization of
prostitution. Regularly test prostitutes to insure that they don't
carry a disease. That is a valid point of view. But why not require
all adults to be tested regularly to insure they don't have a
disease? Wouldn't that be just as logical? It makes more sense to
me to legalize all consensual adult sexual activity.

If prostitution were legalized, many women who are victimized by pimps
and even by police would be less likely to be exploited. There would be
less murder and rape of prostitutes. The criminal justice system would
save billions of dollars that are wasted on a futile attempt to stop
illicit sex.

Laws against Prostitution are part of what I call "The Ultimate
Evil" in this world--Irrational Thought. My VIDEO delves into the
most graphic example of Irrationality—the 9/11 Terrorist Attack. My
BLOG discusses applying Reason to other issues such as the Legalization
of Victimless Crimes (Prostitution, Drugs, Gambling, etc.) and reforming
Criminal Justice.