Left Opposes Prop. H

"Newspaper Of The Left" Opposes Prop. H
- www.sf-frontlines.com
"This bill will mainly send handguns underground, [p]eople who plan on using guns for illegal purposes arent going to worry much about this law," say the editors of Frontlines.

Don't know how many others here heard it, but there was a discussion
about Prop. H on KQED Radio's Forum program yesterday morning. My
personal impression listening to it was that Chris Daly came across as a
complete idiot. He confidently predicted that the measure will easily
pass by at least a 2/3 vote, and may even show as much as 75 - 80%
support. The other panelists on the program included a police officer
leading the campaign against H and a professor from Boalt Law School,
who claimed he has always been a proponent of gun control, but he
predicted that in the unlikely event that Prop. H passes, it will
quickly be overturned the very first time it is challenged in court.

I was able to hear most of the program except for the very end, and when
the listeners were invited to call in, there wasn't a single one that I
remember who spoke in favor of Prop. H. Most, in fact, claimed to be
liberal democrats (some of whom were gun owners themselves) who felt
this measure far exceeds in scope any gun control proposal they would
ever support and force them to surrender their own firearms to the city
with no compensation. A few felt that it would be better for the city
to purchase handguns from private owners, rather than confiscate them,
or swap out handguns for shotguns (which are not banned under the
proposal). But I didn't hear a single caller say they would vote for
Prop. H.

Terry Floyd