"Leading conservatives openly support a Terrorist group" (Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com)

There are double standards, and then there are double standards. The one Glenn Greenwald discusses below is rather breathtaking. But it just goes to show that the real debate over the U.S. government's role in the world is not about the "War on Terror" at all, but nationalism.

  Perhaps more accurately, it is a battle between two different kinds of nationalism -- the traditional conservative nationalism of the right that says "my country, right or wrong!" and will stop at nothing, including torture, to put down any entity or individual that dares to resist the will of the U.S. government, and the newer "reverse nationalism" of the left that says "my country, wrong!" and takes it as gospel that the U.S. government is the most evil governing body in the world and can do good only when opposing its own "national interests".

  Of course -- and here we come to the twin mothers of all double standards -- these ideological positions hold *only* on matters of "national interest". Where there are no such interests perceived to be at stake, the roles are largely reversed -- the left throws mistrust and caution to the wind in its eagerness to have the U.S. government seize ever more money and power at the expense of the voluntary sector of the economy, while conservatives suddenly awaken to the dangers of too much power and control in the hands of the State.

  If these two internally contradictory and dare I say delusional sets of beliefs and the history behind them had never taken place, anyone writing a novel in which they described this current political reality in the United States would no doubt be accused of inventing something too ludicrous on its face to allow readers to suspend disbelief.

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