Laura's Law to be passed by Supes instead of being on ballot

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Thanks for the post, Francoise. I also think if placed on the ballot, the law would easily pass. It appears that most people are just tired of all the mentally disturbed people populating San Francisco, and are ready to try anything. What I am taking from this article is that the law involves outpatient treatment only (no locking up), and forced medications are not allowed; also, the BOS version contains more safeguards than the ballot version. Sounds like we are facing inevitability here. I am assuming the next step after the full Board meeting would be to remove the law from the November ballot.

PS The motives attributed to Campos are pretty shabby. We need a new way to elect people to office; the present set up is not working!


For what it’s worth, this California licensed clinical psychologist (that’s me!) is opposed to compelling anyone to get psychiatric or psychological treatment, even though it could be a boon to business.

Hi Francoise and Marcy. Thanks for posting the article. Here we were working on an argument for the Voters Handbook and already they'll be bypassing the process. And yes, Campos can hang up his "progressive" hat since he has now sold out to win a few extra votes to take care of "the homeless problem." I still worry with a new law on the books like this about the judges just rubber stamping what the "experts" recommend.