Laura Ebke Campaign in Nebraska

Hi All. I was at the LPCA state convention this past week-end, and someone
mentioned the Laura Ebke campaign in Nebraska this year. You've probably
heard about Senator Ebke. She is currently the highest ranking Libertarian
in office in the country. She switched her registration from Republican to
Libertarian after the 2016 election and currently chairs the Judiciary
Committee in the Nebraska legislature, which she was chosen to chair by her
colleagues. She is facing a very tough election this year to be re-elected
again, and a lot is at stake here. We've had several elected officials
officially change their registration to Libertarian while in office during
the last year and a half across the nation (Nebraska, New Hampshire, Maine,
and Iowa)--a courageous move considering the fiasco in Nevada with John
Moore who fared horribly in his re-election effort after changing parties
to the Libertarian Party. If we can't get our own folks elected to higher
offices right now, we should at least support those who switch parties to
join us. If she and others who have stepped out on the limb fare poorly in
their re-election efforts, then that will be a signal to others that the
risk is too great a cost, and we will see less defectors to the Libertarian
Party. We should reward those who take the political risk with our
support. And I mean with money, not just good intentions.

I read her stance on the key issues, and she's very good. Without overtly
saying Libertarian, her views are very Libertarian, and anyone reading them
would instantly know she's questioning the role of government and
definitely favors rolling back things towards more individual liberty.
Even her very pro-life stance sounds reasonable.

Please help to support one of our own in her re-election efforts. I just


I just donated too Aubrey.

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco<><>

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Hi Mike. Glad to hear that. I think it gives candidates a boost when
unexpected donations materialize.