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I just wrote up another piece for our website and it never hurts to have some extra reviewer eyes looking at something prior to publishing, so if you'd like to take a look, let me know if you spot any errors or have any suggestions/feedback.

  I'm particularly interested in any ideas for better titles, as well as whether you can follow what I'm saying and think the piece works. Also any thoughts or responses you have to the graphic accompanying it; like the piece itself I kind of cobbled it together:

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild. I tried the link a few times and it didn't work. However, I
checked the website and found a nice article about free speech from Nick.
Thanks, Nick. Please try again, Starchild.


The article needs to be published for others to access it, only you can see it since you are logged in and you wrote it.

Maybe paste the contents in here instead

Ping... reminder to publish this :slight_smile: