Last night's GOP meeting

Not at all.
And I did contact Hameet. Dan Brown and I spoke for a while.

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That sounds like a high-minded dismissal of everything I just said.

It's action that counts.
Let's see some action.

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Leaving or joining is unimportant.

It's the coalitions and confederations that count.

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Hi Starchild,

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I would not exactly call the LP "less than tarnished" after its 40+ year
history of accomplishing next to nothing. Ron Paul may have been "lipstick
on an elephant", but he accomplished far more in his 2 campaigns with the
GOP than the LP accomplished in 40+ years. I know you guys have fun
socializing, and that is worth a lot. So, call it what it is - a social
club. The election laws are rigged to give an illusion of choice, and one
of the two insider parties is the GOP. The LP will never get past that.
The LP wastes tremendous resources just fighting to get on the ballot each

I urge everyone who will listen to quit the LP. I urge the LP to fold. The
LP is an experiment with proven results, and those results are not good! I
was with the LP for 30 years.


my experience in Sonoma County, and from what I hear from Rand Paul,

the GOP is *ripe* for the picking. Now is the time for libertarians to get
very actively involved -- not wait for another Ron Paul and then try to get
on board after all the seats are taken. We can have a tremendous influence.
These Republicans are bright, dedicated, big allies on many issues, and
could be bigger allies. Sadly, many listen to too much conservative radio.
Many are not generally ready to consider libertarian ideas. But then again,
many others *are surprisingly* ready. Timing is everything. The GOP brand
is tarnished, no question about it. But many of them know it, and many
refer to "rebuilding the GOP". Most Republican activists are very
grassroots. Some pundits already claim that the future of the GOP is
libertarianism. Though they may not mean pure libertarianism, it is a


positive step. I have communicated with the new head of the California GOP
about changing the perception and reality of the GOP being a "top down
party", and he agreed and is taking concrete steps at the state level, just
as we are working hard on that at the county level. In my district alone we
have over 90 precincts, and we will recruit and personally meet and greet
every Republican in every precinct -- over 14k registered Republicans just
in our district -- to build relationships and two-way communication.

The Sonoma GOP sponsored a very successful "2nd Amendment" event last
Tuesday evening attended by close to 200 people. Four outstanding speakers:
the county sheriff, an owner of several gun stores, a CalGuns
representative, and GOP Assemblyman Tim Donnelly who may run for California
governor. For a Republican politician, Tim Donnelly is superb. He borders
on Ron Paul in

many respects and in his radicalism with regards to

government, though I have not heard him or read him on *every* issue. I
urge you to check him out on YouTube.

I urge all SF libertarians to contact the SF GOP (Harmeet Dhillon?) and get
involved *gently*. Change minds where you can. Don't look for
disagreements. Be constructive with everyone at all times. I think you
will be surprised.


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John (Howard),

I second John Bechtol&#39;s and Michael&#39;s kudos\. It sounds like you

delivered a message to the GOP that many of them very much need to hear!

Despite your best efforts however, I predict that the GOP will

generally continue to fail to question the existence of government schools,
the income tax, etc. The Republican Party may be much bigger than the
Libertarian Party, but the corollary to this is that it is much harder to
overcome their built-in statism. Of course I would prefer to be wrong, and
wish the Ron Paul/libertarian/pro-freedom contingent good luck in trying to
get them on track. The important thing is the message, not the label.

Nevertheless I personally feel that building a

political alternative

the right way from the bottom up is a better long-term strategy than trying
to put lipstick on a pig (or an elephant). Also, while there may be about 30
times more registered Republicans than Libertarians in San Francisco at
present, I believe the Libertarian Party has a much more positive (or less
negative) reputation among the other groups of voters -- the Democrats, the
decline-to-state voters, and the other alternative party voters -- than the
Republican Party does. By using a less tarnished vehicle to promote the
freedom message, we may find less resistance to that message than we would
if the message were to become associated with mainstream Republicans.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))



Great perspective--focus on agenda, not brands.

It's demonstrated in The Ron Paul Peace Institute, launched yesterday
by Ron Paul, Republican, and Dennis Kucinich, Democrat. They have
joined forces to advance the peace agenda.

Warm regards, Michael

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Good work!!

The question at hand is not whether to join the RP or the LP. The

question is who will be the central figures in the control of the political
lanscape. These individuals will be in every faction and we must select
them according their ability to advance our agenda....not our brand.

If we focus on our agenda and organize accordingly, the brands will

converge to one side or another of the contests we define. This is where the
"rubber meets the road" for anything else beyond complicity in the existing



I must say, after many months of Republican meetings I am gaining my

confidence with this group.

A conservative passed out booklets at the previous meeting about Obama’s

secret plan to apply the Alinsky model. Then last night, she led a
discussion about the booklet and about socialist subversives in Obama’s
regime, socialism taught in government schools, etc. After that, a tough
ex-military conservative started ranting about our war with collectivists.

I took the floor and reminded everybody that it means nothing to
oppose ObamaCare without opposing Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps,

and the rest of it. The war is against the ideas of forced collectivism.
Just because we have grown accustomed to a few of generations

of socialist

programs does not mean we should treat them as American as apple pie. I
reminded the group that Thatcher was regarded as a champion for free
markets, yet she refused to even question their National Health Care after a
few generations of becoming part of their cultural landscape. Yet, what
could be more phony than to champion freedom and free markets, yet consider
health care, one of the most critical services in society, as “too important
to trust to the free market”? Most American conservatives opposed the Income
Tax, Social Security, and other collectivist programs at their inception.
But after a few generations, those forms of collectivism have become part of
the American landscape, and most conservatives accept them but oppose only
NEW forms of collectivism; as if the war is only about ObamaCare; never
questioning the long-term collectivism we have grown accustomed to and the
philosophy behind

them. I also pointed out that the problem is not socialism

taught in government schools but the very existence of government schools

The room went silent! This was actually my first opportunity to get a bit

outright radical to the entire group at our GOP meeting.

So, then I asked, what do we do? Do we get radical and stand on principle

and appear to most people to be a fringe element? Or do we forgo principle,
nibble around the edges, and just hope to win elections?

Total silence. The meeting ended shortly after that. That was my “nudge”

for last night.

By the way, somebody passed out a sheet of current voter registration

totals in the county by city and by supervisorial district. Overall in the
county: Democrats 127,462; Republicans 53,520; American Independent 5,985;
Green 4,240; Libertarian 1,720; Peace &

Freedom 699; “No party preference”