Last day to apply for Platform Committee!!!

I spoke with Beau Cain, the LP California Secretary last weekend, and he
hadn't yet received any applications from anyone in San Francisco.
That's a real shame. I'd very much like for a San Franciscan to be on
the National Platform Committee as the representative from California.
Or an Outright California member. (Or BOTH!) Please send in your
applications ASAP. Tomorrow (Friday, March 6) is the deadline. If you
don't even apply, then don't bother complaining about the resulting
committee report at the national convention. If the platform matters to
you, take 15 minutes, and send in your application today. Details about
the application process are in the February issue of California Freedom
and are copied below. Don't worry too much about the travel expenses.
The only likely expenses will be to attend the LSLA convention next
Spring and to show up a day or two early at the 2010 Convention in St.

Thank you.

Rob Power