Lakoff Interview

Thank you to Steve Dekorte for a great article. As usual, I will
take every opportunity to talk "marketing." I suggest we listen to
Lakoff when he says language is important. Each time we Libertarians
use the word "anarchy" we loose one vote. Each time the article uses
the word "progressive" (like a million times) they further their

Rob, great insight from you, as usual. However, the way I see it,
liberals (excuse me, "progressives") do view the world as "good," and
therefore ready to be made better with a little government
help. "Conservatives" (far right) are simply right out of "The
Minister's Black Veil." "Compassionate Conservatives" are more
selective in what they choose to apply their Terminator skills.
Libertarians, well, I don't know about us really believing in the
goodness of people or not...we just do our own thing.