Labels for brochures/return addresses

Hi Rob and Ron,

We discussed at the last meeting using the LPSF address stamp to personalize the Left/Right outreach brochures. Unfortunately, the ink on the self-inking stamp dries very slowly on the glossy brochures and smearing is inevitable. We will need to use labels. Rob, you mentioned you could reprint labels, but if not I will be happy to make some. We would also need labels for the envelopes' return address; I have some printed, and could print more.


Dear Marcy

Can't you use the self-inking stamper for the return address on the envelopes? If not then yes do labels please.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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Can we use the stamp for the envelopes? If so, how many labels do we
need for just the brochures? I can print them.

Amarcy D. Berry wrote:

Hi Rob,

We agreed on 100 brochures, so we would need 100 labels. The labels I have are address labels, and do not have the website as yours did.

Yes, we could use the LPSF stamp for the return address on the envelopes, but that would mean one person only would be working on that; so I can volunteer to do that.


Hi Ron,

As I indicated to Rob, yes, we could use the stamp for the envelopes, and I volunteer for that, since only one stamp.