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Dear Mike A.,

You wrote:

The heckler appeared to be making an argumentum ad absurdum, yelling:
"Legalize murder! Legalize lying!" That would be a legitimate and interesting
challenge to an anarchist

This is not a legitimate challenge to libertarian anarchists, since we believe in libertarian laws prohibiting murder and prohibiting fraud.

Best, Michael

By "legitimate challenge" I didn't mean "effective refutation." But our
slam-dunk argument about the ineffectiveness of prohibition--of drugs,
alcohol, or prostitution--is no less relevant with regard to murder or
fraud. Illegality is not the reason most of us refrain from murder or
fraud; and, for those who are intent on such actions, laws against them
are a weak deterrent, as we know too well. But imposing a cost on
someone is sufficient basis for compensation, which is all we really