Kipling's anti-war epitaph

Rudyard Kipling's anti-war epitaph:

If any question why we died
Tell them, because our fathers lied.

Dear Dr. Mike and Everyone Else;

A short P.S.

Rudyard Kipling wrote that epitaph after his only son was killed in WW1. Some of his other famous works are: The Jungle Books - Kim - Captains Courageous. One of his major ballads was Gunga Din. All ended up as movies.

A Lew Rockwell columnist Charley Reese recently had this to say about Rudyard Kipling.

This web site has the full collection of Ruyard Kiplings poems and ballads on-line. Check'm out they are excellent well written poetry.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

P.S. As an aside - Bush likes to compare himself to the Other War President Abraham Lincoln. Old Abe personally wrote the Gettysburg Address. Can you picture Bush writing anything as cogent - let alone writing anything? This leaves out the bad things Lincoln did to centralize the government and his setting aside of the Constitution as he saw fit.

The Gettysburg Address