Keep the Green Cross Open!


  I am writing as one of your constituents to let you know that I strongly oppose the efforts to shut down the Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary. People should not be able to exercise veto power over how their neighbors choose to peacefully use their property. Furthermore, attempting to force such a facility to close at a time when medical marijuana rights are under severe attack by the federal government is irresponsible and shows a lack of commitment to the right of patients to self-medicate under California law in accord with their basic human rights.

  Instead of participating in this reactionary backlash, why don't you take a positive stand by seeking to prohibit SFPD from supporting federal law enforcement in raids on compassionate use facilities in San Francisco? It is offensive in the extreme that our local cops are giving aid and comfort to tyrannical and unconstitutional actions by agents of the federal government in this matter despite the clear will of San Francisco citizens to the contrary.

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