Just joined your group

mesha here from Idriss Stelley Foundation

a bit disgrunted though, about privacy

I had the unpleasant surprise to find my private correspondence with
Cathy Garger and starchild exposed on your site ?

Whatever happened to asking Nathy and I if it kosher with us ?

Sure, I love Mike. Phil and Starchildbut this ain't cool y'all, I rin a
professional agency

Hi mesha,

  Welcome to the LPSF list, and thanks for joining! I apologize for posting our correspondence if this was unwanted. I am in the habit of seeing you copy myriad individuals and groups on all kinds of messages and didn't think there was anything in what you said to me in that email that you'd want kept private, but I'm sorry if I was wrong, and technically I should have asked you to be sure.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))