Just got a No on F mailing from SF Association of Realtors

No clue what the connection is, but the Realtors really don't want us to kill the odd-year elections (which cost many millions of dollars to hold in addition even-year elections). Anyone know what their angle is? What goodies to Realtors get from odd-year elections?

SF Politics never cease to surprise me.



  Odd-year elections, since they don't coincide with state and national elections, tend to have lower turnout, and lower turnout tends to favor conservative candidates and positions. Thus many conservative individuals and groups are opposing the switch. I presume that is the realtor group's thinking.

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        ((( starchild )))


Starchild's assessment is mine also. If you look in the Voter
Handbook, you will see that the more conservative Supervisors, Chamber
of Commerce, and other business interests are against it. While the
more left-wing factions are for it. We recommended Yes; interesting.