Judge Gray wants the LPSF's support!!!


I spent a LONG time with Judge Jim Gray today.

He feels that the concerns expressed by the LPSF members are good ones and he's agreed to address them.
He feels his ideas and principles are in line with yours,
and very much wants your support in this primary.

He's agreed to explicitly endorse and sign the statement Doctor Edelstein prepared for him, to underline this.

Judge Gray is a true Libertarian Patriot. He is in love with our Constitution and Bill of Rights, down to the last word. He supports virtually the entire LP Platform, and stands 100% behind the Party Statement of Purpose that was just published in your CA Election Voter's Guide.

He's certainly the very best person for the job of being our candidate.

Jim has rented a 3000 square foot office for his primary headquarters here in Newport Beach, within sight of the Orange County/John Wayne Airport. He's hired a Campaign Manager, a Campaign Administrative Officer (she's cute!) and recruited a Volunteer Coordinator. And that's just for starters. He's got four dedicated phone lines coming in, broadband DSL Internet, fax machines, printers, eight office desks, a reception area, a big conference setup for 20 plus people and a whole lot more.

All this and a corporate dining room next door. (Carl's Junior and Del Taco.)

Supporting Jim in this primary is an investment in our Libertarian success in California and across the US.
We need your vote, at the very least, and we sure could use your money. I just got off the phone with Judge Gray and he's said he'll personally autograph his book to anyone that sends a donation of $100.00 or more.

I'm going next door for a low-carb burger and then to bed. I have to iron a shirt tomorrow morning, as I've been too busy to go to the dry cleaners. I'm having lunch at the John Stossel event tomorrow with the Judge, Party Founder (and Jim Gray supporter) David Nolan and other So CA Libertarians.

Thank you for your support,

Bruce Cohen
(949) 813-8001