Judge Curtis Karnow is up for re-election and he has a Public Defender opponent

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Hi Francoise--thanks for passing on this one.

Richard, perhaps you want to write an article for our newsletter and
website regarding this? I could do it, but you're really the expert on
this. Karnow has gotta go!


There are four attorneys from the Public Defenders' office running for judge – besides Maria Evangelista, there are three named Streets, Solis, and Maloof. A couple of them were at the Harvey Milk Democratic Club meeting I attended on Saturday, as was Karnow, who claimed he'd supported bail reform, but got some pushback from both the audience and Evangelista.

  I'm not familiar with their specific records (listening to candidates for judge speak is pretty useless, as they generally always say they can't talk about policy issues), although I did individually ask Maloof after he spoke about jury nullification and he sounded supportive. But I think SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi's office is generally doing a great job, and absent strong info to the contrary, will be supporting these four candidates. I took a slate sign for them at the meeting, and have it up in my window.

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