John Burton seeks to prevent cruelty to ducks


  Torture should not be condoned simply because humans are not the
victims! What about a compromise whereby only force-feeding would be
banned, while allowing foie gras not produced via such inhumane methods
to continue to be sold? Perhaps Burton is even aiming for something of
this nature by proposing a more broad-sweeping measure which will
likely face modification; he is an experienced politician. I admit it
is nice to hear he is devoting that expertise to what I see as a good
cause for a change, as when he fought to limit the use of civil asset

For the ducks,
            <<< Starchild >>>

Because California doesn't have enough other pressing problems, I was
glad to see that State Senator Burton is taking precious time and the
hard-earned money of taxpayers to fight the scourge of... duck livers.

I just saw the story on Channel 2 News. I never watch local news, but
I saw
the preview of the story earlier tonight and just had to watch. I
couldn't believe it was true.

Here's the website of his primary target:

It actually outdid France's ban on religious clothing today on my

Funny part is that he's not just trying to ban "speed feeding" but
the sale of any and all foie gras, even when grown naturally.

These people must be stopped.

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