Joe Fuhrig Memorial Web Page

The libertarian movement has lost one of its great champions. Joe
Fuhrig -- free market economist, teacher, writer, activist, tireless
advocate of liberty -- passed away on March 3. He was 57 years old.

Joe was especially important to the Advocates. In fact, it was Joe who
gave this organization its name, back in 1984. And Joe served on our
Board of Directors from the birth of the Advocates until his death.

We've created a memorial Web page about Joe. It includes a 1997
profile of him, "Joe Fuhrig and His Traveling Capitalist Show," that
tells about the life and work of this warm, witty, brilliant man who
touched so many lives.

Joe was a strong believer in the mission of the Advocates for
Self-Government. And he was extremely optimistic about the future of
liberty. In the 1997 article, he said:

"As libertarians, our job has changed. Our job is no longer building
enthusiasm from ground zero for liberty -- because liberty is gong to
become a fact. Liberty is being thrust on the human race whether we
like it or not. The good thing is that now we have an organized
libertarian movement. And now our job is to convince people that
what's happening to them is entirely good -- our mission is to say,
'This is really good, and you're really going to like this!'"

We will greatly miss Joe as a friend and fellow freedom activist. His
example will continue to inspire us to move forward in the great cause
of liberty to which he devoted his life. And that's exactly what Joe
would have wanted.

Advocates Founder Marshall Fritz will officiate at a Memorial Service
for Joe on Saturday, March 29, 2003 in Hayward, CA. More information
about this is at the Joe Fuhrig Memorial Web Page.

To visit the Joe Fuhrig MemoriaL Web Page:

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